On this page you and your group will be posting discussion questions, thoughts and inquiries about your book. On a weekly basis, you will pose 3 thought provoking, quality posts. Remember your posts must reference the literature and at least one of the posts must be a question. Don't forget to look at the question starters.
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‍Please post questions before, during, and after reading in the chart below:

These are the lingering questions you may learn more about.


Inquiry Research Questions:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Molly O.
If a white person commits a crime why don't they go to jail?
Brigetta G.
Why do the white authorities act so mean towards African Americans?
Bella N.
Why are African Americans referred to as "Negros?'
Ari C.
Who was Medgar Evers and what did he do to stop segregation.
Why did whites feel that they were better than African Americans?
Molly O.- Why do white people have more rights then African Americans?

Inquiry team 1 - Thousand Never

Inquiry team 2 Thousand Never